IV Hydration is a quick and safe way to equip your body with the nourishment it needs. Aside from dehydration and diet deficiency, IV vitamin hydration supports speedy recovery from exercise, post-surgery, and helps to maintain immunity, as well as just supplement those lacking in nutrients due to bariatric surgery or malnutrition. Another reason IV hydration is frequently sought is for treatment of a hangover, it works!!!

IV stands for intravenous, a catheter needle is inserted into a vein for quick administration of fluids. It is not recommended for those with fear of needles or blood to request this treatment. Fluids administered through an IV access the cells directly and bypass the digestive system. By doing this, the cells absorb most of the vitamins administered. When a person takes vitamins in pill form, it goes through the digestive system, and most of it is filtered and excreted quickly before every getting to the cells.

Some added benefits of IV vitamin hydration are brighter skin, weight loss, treating headaches, fatigue, depression, poor concentration, and reducing muscle aches. There are various vitamin mixes that can be administered. These treatments are recommended for all ages. The treatment may last anywhere from 30 min. to 5 hours depending on the volume of fluids being infused and the drip rate tolerated by each person.

We offer intramuscular (IM) vitamin injections, like IV vitamin administration, the IM injections bypass the digestive system. These shots are administered into the muscle (like a flu shot). Different vitamins may be injected, targeting various needs, including migraine relief, muscle cramps, arthritic pain, risk of anemia, boost immunity and target weight loss. These vitamins include B12, B6, B-Complex, and Vitamin C, or a combination of them.

Nurse Practitioner Marilyn believes that health and wellness are related to our overall health and mental wellbeing. At Rejuvenate Me, we aim at making everyone see the beauty in themselves and keeping them proactive in their overall health. If you look good and have the proper nutrients necessary to sustain your body and habits, you feel good and maintain the energy to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Marilyn is always available to consult and provide more information about each treatment offered.